Pharmacy Benefit

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UPDATE FOR ACTIVE MEMBERS ONLY: Effective April 1, 2016 please be advised under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) most preventive medications are now available at a $0 copay if you meet the mandated requirements.  The list includes over the counter medication as well as prescription medication, but in order for it to be covered at $0 your physician must write you a prescription.  For example, Aspirin 81mg is an over-the-counter medication (OTC).  Although an OTC you are required to get a written prescription in order for it to qualify for $0 copay coverage.  Please refer to the sidebar for a complete list of ACA Preventive Services.

The Prescription Drug Program provides eligible active and retired members of Local 150 and their dependents, benefits through the Midwest Operating Engineers Welfare Fund. We have partnered with CVS/caremark to provide, you and your family, all of your pharmaceutical needs.

Filling a Prescription

  • Short-Term Medication:
    • These prescriptions can be filled at any in-network pharmacy (CVS, Target, Walgreens, Osco, etc.)
      • To locate an in-network pharmacy closest to you login at and click on the “Pharmacy Locator” at the top right hand corner of the page.
      • Indicate to your physician which pharmacy and the location that they can call, fax or electronically submit your short term prescription.
      • You may receive up to two 30-day supplies of a short-term medication. If you seek a third refill, you must transition to a CVS or Target Pharmacy, Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy or you will pay 100% of the cost of the prescription drug. Please note, when you are in the transition period, you will be required to fill a 90-day supply of medication.
  • Long Term Medication (Maintenance Medication):
    • These prescriptions can be filled at CVS and Target Pharmacies:
      • Indicate to your physician which CVS or Target Pharmacy and the location that they can call, fax or electronically submit your prescription.
      • These medications should be filled as 90-day supplies.
    • These prescriptions can also be filled at the Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy:
      • Indicate to your physician that you would like to use Mail Order.
      • Your physician can call, fax or electronically submit your prescription.
      • You can contact the Customer Care Call Center at (855) MYRX150 (697-9150) to update your form of payment, track an order, update your address, and much more!

Billing Information

Please present your vendor card to your local pharmacist so they may obtain all of the needed information to bill your pharmacy claims. The required billing information is located on your vendor card under the Pharmacy Benefit tab.  Please refer to the example provided below:


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The CVS retail app can make getting your prescriptions easier.  It’ll even remind you when to take them.

-Refill Prescriptions-Scan to refill or order from your account on the go.

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-Manage Prescriptions- Easily manage your own and family members’ prescriptions.

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caremark mail service pharmacy mobile app image

Caremark has the tools to help you manage your family’s health anywhere, anytime.

– Refill and renew mail service prescriptions from yourself and family members

– ID unknown pills with the pill identifier

– Check for potential drug interactions among medications

– Check order status and view your prescription history

– Check drug coverage and cost under your plan

– Find local pharmacies in your plan’s network

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Retiree Benefits and Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits (Part D)

If you enroll with Medicare for Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage, you will lose prescription drug coverage through the Midwest Operating Engineers Welfare Fund. Enrolling in Medicare Part D will not affect your other Fund health care benefits. For more information see the Notice of Prescription Drug Creditable Coverage.

What is your Co-Pay?

Please be sure to check your Summary of Benefits for your Plan’s specific Prescription Drug Benefit copay schedule.

Other Questions About Your Prescription Drug Benefit please contact a member of the Pharmacy Benefit Department at (708) 387-8331.