OHC Member Testimonials

~150 Operator

“Everything was very good.  Friendly staff, clean environment and acceptable waiting times.  Very pleasant considering no one wants to go to the doctors.”

~Lisa M.

“I love love love the Dr.’s and the whole staff there. I am switching over all my care to them.  GREAT PLACE!!!”

~Brittany H.

“Awesome job! Fast service.”

~Clark L.

“A very delightful experience.  Very well informed.  Just wonderful.  Dr. Ansari was Great!!!  Keep up the good work.”

~ Lisa D.

“We are 100% satisfied with the services received at the OHC. The staff is wonderful.  We have four kids under the age of 10 and the staff is awesome each time we come in for a visit. Thank you Local 150 for providing members this valuable service.”

~ Patrick & Judy H.

“I called my GP and was told it would be a 4-day wait to get in.  I decided to call the OHC and they fit me right in.  My wife and I were in and out within two hours. Dr. Ansari was very thorough, professional, and personable. I have always had problems with blood draws but my experience with the OHC phlebotomist was the best experience. The nurse was also professional and very friendly. I think that the OHC will be a GRAND SLAM for Local 150!”

 “Dr. Ansari took her time and explained all of the test results and provided her advice and guidance as to warning signs of what we need to watch out for.  She was VERY thorough.  She assured us that we could request her for all future visits and in an emergency the nurse practitioner would provide the same care.”

~ Melissa N.


Thank you so much!  You and the staff at Operators Health have been wonderful!  Please be sure to pass along a huge thank you and keep it up from the Nelson family!”


“Yesterday my husband had an appointment with Andrea for lower back pain. A member of the staff asked how my husband was doing and I expressed my gratitude for whatever the provider did because he feels so much better!  My husband and I are very happy with the care we are receiving.”

~OHC Staff

“Recently a patient came in for a visit with her dad. When the provider stepped out of the room to get the treasure box, the dad said that he just texted his wife telling her how beautiful the facility was and how nice the staff is.  He later mentioned that he was very impressed with all of the staff and the Health Center. We are sure that he will be talking to family and friends!”







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