Vacation Savings Fund

Vacation Savings Benefits are paid to members whose contracts include this benefit.  Vacation savings is an hourly amount paid to members by their employers and is included in their gross wages.  This amount is taxed then deducted by the employer and forwarded to the Fund Office.

Payments received from employers January 1 through December 31, representing the work months of December through November, are accumulated for each member.  At the end of the year all accounts are reconciled, and the monies are paid out.  The payout occurs the fourth Monday each January.

In accordance with the Fund Trust Agreement, contributions received for the work months of December 2019 through November 2020, will be paid on January 25, 2021.  There are three ways to receive your Vacation Savings Benefit:

  1. By mail – Checks are sent You do not need to do anything. If you move, please make sure that the Fund Office has your current address before December 11th. You can verify and update your address on My150 (
  2. Direct deposit – You may have your Vacation Savings Benefit deposited directly into your Credit Union savings account. Direct deposits will be credited on January 25, 2021. Contact the Midwest Coalition of Labor Credit Union for more information on direct deposit at (708) 482-9606.
  3. Pick up in person – In light of the current circumstances due to COVID-19, the process for picking up your vacation savings check has been modified. If you wish to pick up your check, you must submit a request to the Fund Office no later than January 4, 2021. Your check will be available for pick up by appointment only beginning on Wednesday January 27, 2021 through Friday January 29, 2021 between the hours of 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. If your check is not picked up by the end of business day on Friday January 29th, it will be mailed to you on February 1st. You must wear a mask and provide a valid photo ID with an address matching the Fund Office’s records. When you arrive to pick up your check, please come to the front entrance and call (708) 937-1741 to notify the Vacation Representative that you have arrived. They will meet you at the door to verify your identity. You will need to sign an acknowledgment letter for receipt of your check. Please note the member is the only person who may pick up a vacation savings check.

Your current Vacation Savings balance and contribution details may be found on your My150 ( account under the My Hours tab.  If you have any questions regarding your Vacation Savings, please call the Fund Office at (708) 937-1741 and ask for the Vacation Savings Department.

Each Year the Vacation Savings Fund has numerous Vacation Savings checks either not mailed or returned because of incomplete or old mailing addresses on file. To change your address, please visit My150 ( and click on ‘My PROFILE’.  Your updated address will be disseminated across all Local 150 organizations (except ASIP and the Credit Union).

Contact Information

Vacation Savings Fund

6150 Joliet Rd
Countryside, IL 60525
Tel: 708.482.7300
Fax: 708.387.8329

Accounting Department

Tel: 708.482.7300

Credit Union

Tel: 708.482.9606

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