Vendor Info

Below is a list of vendors that the Midwest Operating Engineers have partnered with to ensure that we are providing quality benefits with the most cost effective outcome.

  • NEW! Absolute Solutions Imaging Network – Effective January 1, 2021, the Welfare Fund has partnered with Absolute Solutions to provide FREE MRI, CT, or PET scans. This partnership will be available to all eligible members, eligible dependents, and eligible retirees of the Retiree Welfare Plan. Absolute Solutions has a nationwide network consisting of 3,600 facilities. By using one of these facilities, you will not have to pay any monies toward a deductible, a co-payment or toward co-insurance; regardless of which health plan option you are covered under. Scheduling is easy! If your provider orders a MRI, CT, or PET scan all you must do is first call Absolute Solutions at 1-800-321-5040. Absolute Solutions will handle the rest. By calling the toll-free number, Absolute Solutions will locate a convenient location, coordinate the patient pre-screening/test preparation, and provide details to the patient. Your prescribing provider will receive a medical report within 4-5 days. This partnership will provide valuable cost savings for the members of Local 150 and the Welfare Fund! For more information, visit
  • Advocate Health Care System/HST – If you have selected the OHC Plan as your selected health plan option, you must use an Advocate Health Care provider, the Operators’ Health Center or the MinuteClinic to seek in-network care.
  • ATI Physical Therapy – Use ATIFirst to save money (no deductible, no co-pay, no coinsurance)…services are FREE at any ATI locations as long as the services are medically necessary, as certified by Valenze Care (see information below – New Case Manager).  If you have other insurance as your primary insurance, the MOE Welfare Fund must follow the primary insurance guidelines.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois – The BCBS of Illinois is the PPO network for all Marketplace Plans (except the OHC Plan) and all Non-Marketplace Plans.
  • Delta Dental of Illinois Check your Schedule of Benefits for coverage details.
  • Employee Resource Systems, Inc. (ERS) – New Member Assistance Program (MAP) for all active members, retirees and dependents
  • EyeMed – New Vision Vendor – Available for eligible active members/dependents/retirees.
  • Fidelity administers the Retirement Enhancement Fund (REF)Be sure to check your Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) to determine if you are entitled to this fringe benefit.  You can also check your MY Hours page on your My150 account.
  • OptumRx will be the new Pharmacy Benefit Manager, on and after January 1, 2019  
    • For more information on OptumRx, click here.
    • Eligible members/retirees/dependents can also utilize MinuteClinics where most services are FREE. Click here for more information.
  • VOYA Financial – VOYA administers both the active member death benefit and the Supplement Life Insurance for our eligible active members/dependents. Be sure to check your Schedule of Benefits for coverage details on the active death benefit.
    • Click here for more information regarding the Supplemental Death Benefit information.
    • If you have questions regarding the active death benefit, please contact Member Services at (708) 579-6600.
  • Valenz Care – Valenz Care is the Fund’s Case Manager/Certification provider – You should contact Valenz Care before receiving any of the below care:
    • Planned inpatient admissions to a hospital;
    • Planned inpatient surgery;
    • Skilled nursing and long-term acute care admissions;
    • Durable medical equipment;
    • Home health;
    • Outpatient surgery in a hospital or surgical facility;
    • Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy; or
    • Managed mental health and substance abuse services

For more information regarding the Certification process or Case Management, contact Member Services at (708) 579-6600.

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